March 29, 2011

It’s Arrested Development

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As long as I can remember I have been a night owl. I’m also somewhat of an insomniac. Those do not go well together since I tend to want to stay up late naturally and when I eventually do decide to hit the proverbial hay I can lie in bed for a long time not being able to sleep because my brain keeps on turning wheels and riding from one tangent to the next.

Over the years I’ve found ways to overcome both of these nasty traits. The most effective is to exhaust myself to the point that when my head hits the pillow I’m absolutely gone. However, exhausting myself to the point of collapse makes for a lousy couple of hours before I hit that pillow.

The most practical way I’ve found to overcome my insomnia is to crowd out those tangential thoughts with something else; something that I know well enough that I don’t have to pay attention to in order to understand what is happening. That something is watching a TV show or movie and putting the TV on a sleep timer.

Since this has gone on for years I have run through many different TV shows and movies. Some of which I have grown a tad tired of. The Office is one of those TV Shows. It’s not that I dislike The Office, I simply do not derive the same enjoyment out of it that I once did. Other shows have shared this fate. In fact, all shows that I regularly fall asleep to have declined slightly in how much I enjoy them. All except for one.

Arrested Development.

Arrested was one of the first shows I bought for myself. I have watched it more times than I know. I used to keep it on while I would play games or do homework. When one disc ended I’d just pop in the next. Each of the 8 DVDs for the show have run through beginning to end in my DVD player dozens and dozens of times, if not hundreds. Seriously.

I just never get sick of it. Even more than that, I enjoy it MORE the more I watch it. It’s so terribly clever and the episodes are so intertwined with one another. I absolutely love how the running jokes begin to build and then fade out over the course of several episodes.

Not too long ago I used an audio extraction program to get the off of my DVDs and convert them to MP3’s. Now I have all 53 episodes on my ipod. I just pick an episode, set the sleep timer on the ipod, and let things go as I drift away into dreamland. It’s really interesting to listen to just the audio and not have the video to go along with. But it’s still quite funny. I regularly chuckle into my pillow, which would probably be somewhat creepy to a roommate if I shared a room. “Why is he always laughing at night?”

It is such a terrific show. I can (and have) watch the same episode back to back and still enjoy it. I am always in the mood for Arrested Development. From being half-asleep to wide awake and the whole range of emotional states, I can always put on Arrested.

If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it and if you’re interested in watching it I am always willing to sit with people new to the franchise and veterans alike.


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